Shaniah Kaiser Creative | Design | Interactive

Shaniah grew up on a northwest Minnesota farm, near a small town, but surrounded by a big extended family comprised of 12 aunts and uncles (and cousins she’s still trying to count). On the all-important question, the answer is “yes”… her parents did name her after Shania Twain, and she considers herself a huge fan.

Shaniah taps into the skill set of practically all her hobbies, particularly crafting and photography, where she’s developed a nice gig doing weddings and senior portraits. She also loves hiking, biking, camping and traveling… studying abroad for a month in Scotland being the highlight.

Shaniah holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and bachelor of arts degree in photography from Minnesota State University-Moorhead.

Started in 2016

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Hometown: Bagley, MN


Allergic to chocolate.


Has donated her hair since the 2nd grade.


Once worked as a face painter.