Ben Brouillard Art Director

Ben joined the company as a design intern, but quickly worked his way up the ladder to Art Director. This wasn't just because of his design abilities, but his nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and interest in understanding client challenges to the deepest levels.

A graduate of Minnesota State University-Moorhead with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design, Ben not only is responsible for monitoring all design activities, but also is closely involved with managing the day-to-day agency activities.

Beyond his mastery of design software and a solid understanding of website design and development, Ben is a natural DIYer. And this has come in handy for numerous key projects...whether it's designing sign holders for a trade show booth, or constructing a makeshift trap to capture one angry skunk terrorizing the office. (Yes, that really happened.)

Ben is married to Olivia with two sons, Wes and Ike.

Started in 2003

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Hometown: East Grand Forks, MN


When not at work, you'll find Ben:




Doing home improvement projects.


Thinking about work.